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Palm Beach Garden


Located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Nutrition Smart is committed to providing our community with the information, knowledge, and products necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on delivering our customers an extensive selection of organic food, products, and vitamins. We also offer free weekly in-store seminars and classes to educate the public on nutrition and healthy living.

Store Manager

Rick Mills, Store Manager

Rick has been with our Nutrition Smart family since 2014. He started in the Grocery and Produce Department, and was quickly promoted to Store Manager, which has been his position for the past year. He has over 20 years of retail management experience. Rick studied Holistic Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and spent 8 years with Natural Foods Market. His hobbies include Yoga, Obstacle Racing, and Vegan Cooking. Rick is passionate about health, wellness and helping people find balance and wholeness in their diet and lifestyle.

Nutritional Consultant

Tony De Angelis, Licensed Nutritionist and Dietician

A Clinical Nutritionist practicing Functional Medicine, Tony has a Master’s degree in Nutrition. He has owned and operated Healthy Heart, a center where scientific tests were used to assess a person’s nutritional status and determine the most beneficial treatments to restore and maintain health. Now he works as a Nutritional Consultant for both the Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie locations of Nutrition Smart.