How to naturally wash your dog


Even the cutest pups get into smelly situations. Whether your pooch rolled in a mud puddle or did a gold medal- worthy dumpster dive, here’s how to give her or him a natural dog bath. Bathing and grooming your dog will keep them clean and healthy. Our friends at delicious living have provided this handy guide with 6 simple steps for washing a dog with natural methods. Here is everything you need to know to regain their cuddly condition.

Step 1.   

  • Place a sieve-style hair catcher over the sink or tub drain. This is especially important if your dog has long or shaggy hair.     


Step 2.             

  • Before the bath, brush your dog’s hair. Brushing removes loose, dead hair and helps her coat to dry faster.    


Step 3. 

  • In a soothing voice, coax your pup into the tub. Use lukewarm (not hot) water and a handheld sprayer, if available, to soak your dog’s coat.

Step 4. 

  • Use a specially formulated dog shampoo and work into a lather. (Human shampoos typically have a higher pH, which can dry a dog’s skin.) Or make your own gentle shampoo [read also: DIY dog beauty: 5 pet shampoos you can make at home]. Be careful not to get any shampoo into her eyes or ears.   



Step 5. 

  • Rinse well, since shampoo residue can irritate dog skin. Don’t use a blow dryer; they are too hot for dogs. Simply pat down and rub your dog with a towel and then let her air-dry.    


Step 6. 

  • Give them a treat- Praise them by saying how good they were!