So you’re sick: Here’s how I cope

I woke up today feeling like I was coming down with a cold, so I immediately ran to my kitchen pantry. I realized that this was a great opportunity to show you all what I do when I feel a cold coming on and a great recipe I use to combat any illnesses. When it comes to maintaining immunity, I try and keep the same philosophy I do with my normal diet: the cleaner the products, the better. That being said, I know that there is a point where stronger medications are needed, and I have no issue utilizing them. Here are a few of the more natural products I pull out of the pantry when I start feeling sick:

Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs: this stuff is GOLD

Coldcalm Homeopathic Medicine

Emergen-C vitamin C packets (or any generic brand, as you can see above)

Lots of tea: Pukka brand is my favorite

Propolis drops for tea ^

Herb Pharm Astragalus Root extract: 1 full dropper in water between meals, 2-3 times a day

Gaia Sage & Aloe Throat Shield Spray

NOT PICTURED, BUT MENTIONED LAST WEEK: Source Naturals Wellness Formula–I typically take 3 per day, but when I feel something coming on I bump it up to 4 capsules, twice a day


This is typically what works well for me, but it’s important that you act as soon as you feel something coming on. The sooner, the better! If it continues for about a week without improving, I will usually go to see my general physician.

What do you guys take when you start feeling sick?


xo, Lauren