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Choosing the Best Greens for Your Diet

By Nutrition Smart on September 25, 2018

Nutritionists frequently recommend regular consumption of green vegetables since they’re abundant in beneficial components. It’s important you consume these nutrients daily to sustain the skin, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Additionally, you can obtain some antioxidants that are necessary to eradicate free radicals. These days, a wide range of edible greens exists on the market, so […]

Bodybuilding: Vegan Edition

By Nutrition Smart on September 18, 2018

People opt to adopt a vegan lifestyle for various reasons, whether it’s because they hope to reap the associated benefits of a vegan diet or they advocate for animals’ ethical treatment. It’s a fact that boosting your vegetable and fruit intake has major health benefits but only if you do it right. According to experts, […]

Safe Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

By Nutrition Smart on September 12, 2018

When people type in “grocery stores near me” they’re probably going to head to the one closest to them instead of stopping to pick and choose. The choice isn’t so simple for people who live or are looking into a vegan lifestyle. This decision is not one everyone makes lightly and while every person’s experience […]

Why The Colors Of Your Produce Matter

By Nutrition Smart on September 7, 2018

When you were a child, you always heard that you should eat a rainbow. That’s why eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables is so important. These days, you can get veggies in almost every color under the sun. Just how important is the color of your produce? Here’s everything you need to know. […]

The Best Supplements For New Vegans

By Nutrition Smart on August 31, 2018

Nutrition Smart is your source for natural organic groceries and vitamins. As your premier health food store in Pembroke Pines, we are committed to helping all our customers lead and maintain healthy lifestyles. With true knowledge, information and the best supplements and vitamins, we feature a full range of products designed for optimal health and […]

Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie Bowl

By Nutrition Smart on August 30, 2018

It’s always a good time to put a smoothie bowl into your meal rotation, and who can resist this nutrient-packed dose of yum? Try this Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie recipe from Coconut Bliss today. Prep time: 5 min Serves: 1 Vegan Ingredients Smoothie 1 handful of spinach 2 leaves of kale, destemmed 2 small scoops […]

No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Protein Cheesecake

By Nutrition Smart on August 30, 2018

As far as cheesecake goes, this easy plant-based recipe is an indulgent, but nourishing treat. The creamy, decadent base is made with REBBL Dark Chocolate Protein Elixir, which has 16 grams of complete protein as well as super herbs and adaptogens. REBBL incorporates super herbs and adaptogens in efficacious levels: maca, reishi, and ashwagandha. The maca in […]

S’mores on a stick

By Nutrition Smart on August 30, 2018

Ah, yes, the ever so popular cake pop can be s’more-ified too. This is the #semihomemade way to do it, so feel free to get your chef hat on and make some of these ingredients from scratch, you over go-getter you! Prep Time: 75 min 3 hour rest period Serves: 4 Vegetarian Ingredients 2 cups […]

Nicole’s Homemade Salsa

By Nutrition Smart on August 29, 2018

Nothing says summer like a fresh batch of homemade salsa and organic tortilla chips! Enjoy this easy and delicious recipe from the founder of @latejulyorganic, Nicole Bernard Dawes! Prep Time: 15 min Serves: 8 Vegan Ingredients 3 to 4 tomatoes, chopped 1/2 medium onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 small bunch of cilantro , […]

Great Vegan Substitutes for Ice Cream

By Nutrition Smart on August 23, 2018

As the weather becomes increasingly hot in summer, ice cream has become the favorite food for a lot of people. It’s almost impossible to walk down the street in August without hearing the familiar call of the ice cream truck. The sound brings to mind the endless possibility of summer: water balloon fights, barbecues, cookouts, […]