Gut and Brain Campaign

The Gut-Brain Connection

You may have seen the trendy words probiotic, gut-health and microbiome floating around the internet recently or a quick scroll through your Instagram feed will show your favorite food blogger or yoga enthusiast gushing about the importance of your gut

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Your Period Doesn’t Have to Suck

Periods are the worst, aren’t they? They make us tired, angry, bloated, prone to skin breakouts, insecure, jealous, heavy, and miserable––all that on top of painful period cramps. You’ve probably found yourself, at some point or another, settled comfortably into

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DIY dog beauty: 5 pet shampoos you can make at home

It costs about $84 a year to buy grooming supplies for your dog. That’s an an additional cost to the total annual expenses that pet owners face, including costs for food, toys, vet visits and kennel boarding. Save money by

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How to naturally wash your dog

  Even the cutest pups get into smelly situations. Whether your pooch rolled in a mud puddle or did a gold medal- worthy dumpster dive, here’s how to give her or him a natural dog bath. Bathing and grooming your

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