All Natural Libido Enhancing and Prostate Pampering Products

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 All Natural Libido Enhancing and Prostate Pampering Products

As we get older, we begin to realize a couple things that we might’ve taken for granted when we were younger; being able to touch our toes without wincing, getting ID’d at the bar, not having chronic back pain on the daily, eating whatever foods we want, having a well-oiled reproductive system and a pretty steady, oftentimes high sex drive! In older individuals, many factors can contribute to a decrease in the latter two; increased stress, lack of sleep, certain medications and hormonal imbalances can all play a huge part. For men and women alike, as you age, it’s extremely important to take care of yourself, but not many people are aware of just how important it is to take care of your sexual health too! We’re dedicating the month of June to men and their health (Father’s Day is June 16th!) and are sharing why it is so important to take care of your prostate early on and some tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom if your libido is taking a hit (hint, hint…it’s all natural)!

Holistic Prostate Support

Don’t wait until it’s too late is our motto! As a man ages, many changes can take place, primarily in the reproductive system. Testicular tissue masses decrease, as well as testosterone levels. In easier to understand terms, the primary male sex hormone diminishes as a man ages. This can cause a ton of different symptoms like the weakening of his sex drive, (libido) loss of muscle and bone mass, disrupted sleep, hair loss, weight gain and erectile dysfunction! None of those things sound appealing, so we’re sharing some “man power” boosting supplements to help delay those deplorable signs of aging as much as you can!
  • New Chapter Prostate 5lx – This vegetarian supplement helps support normal urine flow and boosts prostate health with the inclusion of some pretty important herbs like saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil, said to be essential for men’s reproductive health.Prostate 5LX medicine
  • Bluebonnet Nutrition MPX 1000 – Bluebonnet has created this specific formula for men who want to maintain the best possible prostate health. This supplement also has stress fighting herbs included in it which, as we know, stress can affect the libido. These capsules are also vegetarian safe and gluten-free so they are a great option for someone with sensitivities.Bluebonnet Nutrition MPX 1000
  • Life Extension Ultra Natural Prostate – This prostate boosting formula promotes a healthy prostate size and structure and helps with inflammation because of the Graminex Flower Pollen extract.Ultra Natural Prostate
  • Nature’s Plus T-Male – This herbal supplement boosts the production of testosterone with the help of zinc aspartate and includes fenugreek which has long been believed to promote fertility.Nature’s Plus T-Male
  • Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido Red – Irwin Naturals special blend of herbs focuses on increasing the libido through nitric oxide. Nitric oxide naturally occurs in the body and allows the blood to easily flow to organs. It also includes ginseng extract, a natural energy booster!Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido Red

How to Improve Your Libido the Natural Way!


Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood and we get that! But, the older you get, the more your energy can plummet, resulting in a low sex drive. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and we’re here to share a great way to get that spark back, naturally! Nutrition Smart Brand makes a great little oil full of stress reducing, mood enhancing magic! We’re talking hemp drops! Hemp has been making waves recently in the health and wellness world and for good reason; not only has it been touted as a cancer fighting and sleep improving staple, it can also help you in the bedroom! Hemp oil drops can improve a male’s libido by:

  • Reducing stress. Remember how we said stress can put a damper on your libido? Hemp is a great, natural way to reduce stress and provide a calming feeling to an individual.
  • Improving blood flow. Erectile dysfunction will be a thing of the past when you introduce hemp oil into your life. Hemp has been said to repair tissue damage and improve blood flow to the genitals.
  • Boosting energy. Many athletes have added hemp into their lives for the energy boost it gives them. If you’re feeling sleepy, sluggish or just not in the mood, reach for some hemp!

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