What is CBD oil? CBD oil is an oil you can ingest for its pain relieving and wellness properties. As its name would suggest, CBD oil contains a compound known as CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp. Hemp is one of the varieties of the cannabis plant.. So, is …

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Choosing the Best Greens for Your Diet

Nutritionists frequently recommend regular consumption of green vegetables since they’re abundant in beneficial components. It’s important you consume these nutrients daily to sustain the skin, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Additionally, you can obtain some antioxidants that are necessary to eradicate free radicals. These days, a wide range of edible greens exists on the market, so …

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No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Protein Cheesecake

As far as cheesecake goes, this easy plant-based recipe is an indulgent, but nourishing treat. The creamy, decadent base is made with REBBL Dark Chocolate Protein Elixir, which has 16 grams of complete protein as well as super herbs and adaptogens. REBBL incorporates super herbs and adaptogens in efficacious levels: maca, reishi, and ashwagandha. The maca in …

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