Four Mainstream Diets That You Can Make Vegan

Vegan DietWhether you’re ready to commit 100% to a fully vegan diet or just looking for ways to reduce your animal product consumption, integrating a vegan lifestyle into your current one is easier than you might think. Organic health shops in Pembroke Pines offer you a wide variety of healthy options that make being vegan, if even only for a night, so easy and practical. If you’re keto, gluten-free, paleo, or vegetarian there are ways to make these diets vegan.

Ketogenic Diet

Did you know that the keto diet has been used for decades to treat epilepsy? The keto diet has been explored for other health and medical issues. Today, it’s popular among those who love to work out, specifically, those in Crossfit. The Keto diet involves reducing carbohydrate intake and upping your fat intake. It allows the body to burn fat as a fuel instead of carbohydrates. No, this doesn’t mean you can eat Mcdonalds every day. Fats like those found in avocados, coconuts, Brazil nuts, seeds, fish oil, olive oil etc. are all keto-approved. This diet is pretty easy to make vegan. Simply swap out your fish oils for plant-based oils like you’d find in nuts. Also, you can get your protein from plants like from spinach, kale, and pea protein. You can use avocado as a sub for mayo on your sandwiches.

Gluten Free

This diet has been sensationalized and is often mocked because many people claim to be gluten-free yet do not suffer from Celiac disease. The reality is, you don’t need to have Celiac to benefit from reducing your gluten intake. Gluten has been linked to increased inflammation in the body, can cause migraines and other digestive issues. Gluten is found in pasta and bread. Fortunately, there are still gluten-free pasta and bread so you can indulge when you get the urge. Natural food stores in Pembroke Pines are stocked with gluten-free items. Make sure that when checking the label you look for the GF and V sign. The V indicates that the item is vegan. Just remember that just because it’s gluten free doesn’t always mean it’s vegan.


paleo dietDo you ever wonder how your ancestors ate before DoorDash, UberEats, and Amazon grocery delivery? Paleo diet is meant to mimic the dietary habits of our ancestors, the people long before our forefathers. This diet is a little tricky to make vegan because the focus is on eating lots of red meat, chicken, and fish.

Fortunately, leafy greens and plant-based proteins can be subbed for red meat, chicken, and fish. If you’re still worried about getting enough protein, you can take an iron supplement. Check to make sure that it is from a plant-based source. The packaging should have a V on it to indicate that it is vegan and not made with any animal products.


Vegetarianism has gained some serious momentum over the last few years. With efforts like Meatless Mondays becoming popular and scathing documentaries against the meat and poultry industry, it’s no wonder why people are choosing to give up meat. But a lot of people still consider chicken and fish to be “vegetarian.” If you eat fish, that means you’re a pescatarian. If you still eat chicken, well, that means you’re not a vegetarian. To make this diet totally vegan, you’ll need to cut out all animal products. This includes egg, dairy, and cheese. You can find vegan substitutes for all of the above. You can also use things like bananas, applesauce, and avocados to replace some of the animal products you once enjoyed.

If you’re interested in learning more about a vegan diet and lifestyle, look for nutrition stores in Pembroke Pines. They will be stocked with vegan and vegetarian-friendly items, tons of fresh produce, dietary supplements, as well as staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about living your best, healthiest life.


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