Three Healthy Foods to Stock up on Before Winter

Eating in-season foods are your best defense against seasonal illnesses like cold and flu. In the winter plants halt their growing, the amount of sunlight dwindles, and even though winter is full of holiday obligations, we also slow down internally. To stay at your peak during winter, you can find health food stores in Pembroke Pines that are filled with root vegetables and hearty in-season veggies and fruits that will help you stay at your optimal health. Check out these 3 healthy foods to stock up on before winter really hits.


Carrots are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy eyes, blood, bones, and soft tissue health. Carrots also make for great roughage and are full of fiber. Carrots offer a healthy dose of Vitamins A, C, K, iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants. They help to support healthy kidney functions by helping your body to regulate detoxification and remove harmful compounds. You can eat carrots raw or cooked in stews. Carrots are a filling, wholesome snack to keep on hand or to include in meals.

Sweet Potatoes

Healthy Foods - sweet potato, kale, carrotsYou probably know sweet potatoes or yams from the candied, holiday version. However, sweet potatoes are a great addition to your diet. Whether you’re paleo, vegan, or low-FODMAP, sweet potatoes are a great addition to your diet. Those who struggle with blood sugar concerns, diabetes, or have trouble digesting starches can also benefit from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes contain B vitamins, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, and calcium. All of which are essential to building strong bones, having healthy blood, and building up your immune cells. They help your body produce and utilize energy effectively. Thanks to their high fiber content, they help make for a great digestive aid and relieve problems like constipation and reduce ulcer formation. Sweet potatoes also have anti-inflammatory compounds that work to reduce the swelling in tissues from internal organs to muscles. You can eat sweet potatoes baked, fried, or mashed.

Collard Greens

When winter comes around there’s usually a shortage of fresh, leafy greens in nutrition stores in Pembroke Pines. The reason for this is just that they are simply just not in season. Fortunately, you don’t have to completely cut out all leafy greens. Collard greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals to get you through the winter months. Collards pack a punch! Packed with Vitamins C, K, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folate, riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin. One cup of collard greens contains nearly four grams of protein! Collards are high in fiber which aids in digestion. They also help to remove toxic byproduct buildup in your liver. The Vitamin K and calcium are great for your bones. The Vitamin A content is great for your eyes and soft tissue health. You can braise collard greens with white wine, toss some in a hearty winter soup, or even blend some up in your smoothies.

Bonus Staples:

Winter Squash

Healthy Foods - winter squashWinter squash like butternut squash has a shelf life of 2-3 months. Butternut squash tastes well baked or blended into a delicious soup. Squash is filled with vitamins and minerals that help to aid in digestion, building strong bones, and keeping your immune system up. You can freeze cubed pieces and save them for later in the winter.


Quality local honey is a great sugar substitute. Especially since the winter months are full of delicious holiday sweets and treats, stocking up on honey before the winter comes is a great idea. Honey tastes delicious in tea, coffee, in baked goods, and drizzled on sweet potatoes.

Organic health stores in Pembroke Pines can help you find in-season, fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating in-season is your best defense against illness. Additionally, eating in-season also ensures that your food tastes its freshest. Out of season fruits and veggies won’t taste as good as they would when they’re at their peak. Also, they might not even be available. Some foods, like winter squash, have a long shelf life compared to other veggies. So always do your research about how long some produce can last. Don’t forget that you can freeze and save fruit and veggies to be used in smoothies and soups.


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