ESC Smores Pops 400x300

S’mores on a stick

Ah, yes, the ever so popular cake pop can be s’more-ified too. This is the #semihomemade way to do it, so feel free to get your chef hat on and make some of these ingredients from scratch, you over go-getter

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Nicole’s Homemade Salsa

Nothing says summer like a fresh batch of homemade salsa and organic tortilla chips! Enjoy this easy and delicious recipe from the founder of @latejulyorganic, Nicole Bernard Dawes! Prep Time: 15 min Serves: 8 Vegan Ingredients 3 to 4 tomatoes,

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Vegan Substitutes for Ice Cream 400x300

Great Vegan Substitutes for Ice Cream

As the weather becomes increasingly hot in summer, ice cream has become the favorite food for a lot of people. It’s almost impossible to walk down the street in August without hearing the familiar call of the ice cream truck.

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OV Cheesecake 1 400x300

Family- Favorite Cheesecake

The expression “icing on the cake” was made for this cheesecake recipe. The topping on this cheesecake is what makes it a staple on our dessert tables. It’s perfect for dinner parties, holidays or just when you’re craving something decadent! Prep Time: 20

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Nut Allergy 400x300

Can You Be Vegan With A Nut Allergy?

Going vegan means you’re going to be looking for natural alternatives to staples in your diet. Many vegans swear by nuts and use them daily in their cooking and snacks. What if you’re allergic to nuts, though? Are you going

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Four Mainstream Diets That You Can Make Vegan

Whether you’re ready to commit 100% to a fully vegan diet or just looking for ways to reduce your animal product consumption, integrating a vegan lifestyle into your current one is easier than you might think. Organic health shops in

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Three Diets That Can Help Ease Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that lasts more than three months and is usually unresponsive to treatment. Chronic pain affects about 116 million adults in the U.S. and while pain pills decrease suffering, they can be addictive and generate side effects.

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Getting the Right Amount of Iron in Your Vegan Diet

Did you know that it’s not impossible nor is it difficult to get the right amount of iron if you’re on a plant-based diet aka vegan? Many people think a vegan diet relies solely on carbs and sugars from foods.

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Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps 400x300

Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps

Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps It’s the perfect time of year to bring together family and friends, fire up the grill, and whip up everyone’s favorite dish. Pair these amazing turkey burger lettuce wraps with pineapple slices and fresh cilantro for

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